When the bus arrived at the Landvetter travel center at four o'clock on Saturday morning, the driver was jumped by a passenger.

- He probably had a knee iron when he got on the driver. It states both the driver and witnesses to the incident. And knuckles are counted as weapons, I think it goes under the knife law, says Christer Fuxborg, the police spokesperson.

The man who jumped on the driver is in his 20-25 years. It is unclear what preceded the abuse. But the driver was taken by ambulance to hospital to receive care for his injuries.

- It is serious when you get on a bus driver this way, says Christer Fuxborg.

Police sent a dog patrol to the scene to try to track down the suspect. But at half past nine on Saturday morning, the hunt was still without results.

- Despite the late hour, there were a lot of people moving around the place. So the tracks are hard to distinguish. But we have had surveillance cameras on most buses, so we will review those films now, says Christer Fuxborg.