A disturbance from Brittany will spread to the rest of France.

Friday's weather will be mixed over much of the country, according to Météo-France forecasts.

Disturbance from Brittany

At the very beginning of the day, the rain-unstable disturbance will still affect the interior of Brittany and will extend on the departments bordering the English Channel while clearings will begin to break on the tip Brittany. This disturbance will move to the north and will concern only the east of Normandy and the Hauts-de-France at mid-day where precipitation will strengthen by taking at times a stormy character. At the front, the sky will alternate between threatening cloudy passages from the Belgian borders in the center to Aquitaine and wider clearings south of a Mont-de-Marsan / Mulhouse axis.

These clouds will carry showers, on Champagne, Aquitaine in particular. Greyness, however, will remain stubborn throughout the day on the Gulf of Lion throughout the day. In the afternoon, the sky will be variable throughout the country. The weather will be changing, beautiful sunny periods will compose with cloudy periods. Showers sometimes punctuated by a thunderclap, will be possible in all areas, except the quarter-north-west of the country where the showers will be more rare.

Temperatures between 16 and 37 degrees

The greyness will persist throughout the day on the gulf of the lion. Only the Alps, the Côte d'Azur and Corsica will enjoy a clear sun from morning to evening. The southwest wind will be sensitive over the northwest of the country, the gusts will frequently reach 60 to 70 km / h, sometimes 80 to 90 on the Gulf of Morbihan and the tip Brittany.

The minimum temperatures will be around 16 to 19 degrees on the banks of the Channel, most often between 19 and 22 but of the order of 23 to 24 on the Mediterranean rim, the southwest of the country and in Corsica. The maximums will range from 21 to 24 degrees along the Channel coast, from 25 to 32 in the northern half of the country, from 32 to 36 or even 37 to the south.