Washington (AP) - In the administration of President Donald Trump, there is a new stir for the office of the US intelligence coordinator. Trump announced Thursday night that the current director of the Anti-Terrorism Center, Joseph Maguire, will assume office as of 15 August.

Shortly before, he announced that Deputy Intelligence Coordinator Sue Gordon will resign her post. Media reports and a letter from Gordon to Trump suggested she did not volunteer.

The appointment of a managing coordinator had become necessary because former incumbent Dan Coats retires on 15 August. In the past, he had repeatedly crossed the subject with Trump. Several Democrats pointed to a ruling that Gordon, as Coats' deputy, would have had to take over the position provisionally. According to a report in the New York Times, however, the White House wanted to prevent this.

The Washington Post wrote that Trump had reservations because he never had close ties to Gordon. CNN reported that some in the government had doubts that the longtime CIA employee could demonstrate the kind of political loyalty Trump values. The Republican has long had a difficult relationship with the intelligence services. Publicly, the president had praised Gordon last week over Gordon.

A handwritten note from Gordon on her resignation to Trump, however, suggested that it was not her decision to leave. The move was an act of respect and patriotism, not preference, she wrote there. "You should have your team."

The director of the intelligence services has the task of coordinating the various intelligence services of the United States. Coats has held the top position since March 2017. Since then, he has been with Trump several times public disagreements. The Intelligence Coordinator said in January that Iran does not currently believe it is working on nuclear weapons. The President disagreed and accused the services of ignorance.

Originally Trump had provided as the successor to Coats Republican Representative John Ratcliffe, who is considered a loyal follower of the President. However, Ratcliffe decided to withdraw from the nomination process in light of "unfair" media reports, Trump recently wrote on Twitter.

The democrats were Gordon's retreat for incomprehension. Deputy Adam Schiff said Coats' and Gordon's resignation was "a devastating loss" to the intelligence services and their employees.

Trump praised Gordon on Thursday night. He has great respect for her, he wrote on Twitter. He also praised the new executive secret service coordinator Maguires. His military career has been long and outstanding. "I have no doubt he's going to do a great job!" Trump added.

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