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Rituals and Spirituality .. How Hollywood transferred the pilgrimage to the cinema


Safaa Ali

"Ya Rayeen to the precious Prophet Haniya you and my butt" The most prominent insider of the most important songs that embodied the scene of the visit of the House of God, sung by Leila Murad in the film "Leila bint al-Akaber" in 1953.

The song took us to Mecca with high spirituality, but it came in the context of other dramatic events that did not talk about the pilgrimage itself, although there are some educational documentaries that tried to highlight the sanctity of Mecca in general and the pilgrimage season in particular.

Rare Documentary
One of these documentaries is an old film dating back to 1937. It was produced by Misr Acting Company. The film lasted only nine minutes and was produced at the invitation of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

The film reviewed the journey of Egyptian pilgrims to Mecca, reviewing the most important streets, "Merchants Street" through the journey of cruise to the door of peace and the end of the trip at the Green Dome.

International Movies
There were no Arabic films that spoke specifically about Hajj amid dramatic events associated with it, although there was only one rare film about it, and there were some international films that talked about the great ritual of Muslims.

Journey to Mecca
Journey to Mecca was produced in 2009 and explains the journey of Ibn Battuta (Shams Eddine Zannoun), who left his home in Tangier in 1325 on an epic, perilous journey to Mecca, 4,800 kilometers to the east.

Christian Catholic film director Taran Davies has devoted himself to making films about Islam. According to the New York Times, his films are aimed at trying to understand the other.

Malcom X
The film tells the story of the American Muslim thinker Malcolm X , growing up in a slum, joining a gang, then entering prison and converting to Islam.

The events dealt with his visit to Mecca to perform the pilgrimage, and how he changed to his assassination in 1965.

The 1992 film, the third collaboration between American actor Denzel Washington and director Spike Lee, was a stunning performance for Washington.

Oscar may have lost the best actor to Al Pacino that year, but he was no doubt not only the best performer in 1992, but still the best in Washington's fascinating life, and remains controversial as one of the most important films that embodied revolutionary Islam.

Inside Mecca
Inside Mecca is one of the documentaries produced by National Geographic Channel in 2003, and documented the pilgrimage of three pilgrims from Malaysia, South Africa and the need of the United States.It is a source for every researcher on the spiritual meanings of the pilgrimage and its importance to Muslims.

The Grand Journey
Le Grande Voyage , a Moroccan film directed by Ismail Ferroukhi, starring Moroccan Mohamed Majd and French-Algerian Nicolas Casali. He tells the story of a French-Moroccan father who decided to take his son, who grew up in France to perform the pilgrimage, and decides to have their journey by car amid the rejection of the son, but he insisted to strengthen the relationship between them, and an attempt to define the Islamic religion of the son imbued with Western culture far from the traditions of his ancestors.

The budget for this work was about one million euros, and he tried to highlight the different generations of Moroccan immigrants to Europe and the differences between successive generations.

Source: aljazeera

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