On Europe 1, the vice-president of the Young Farmers returns on the report of the Giec, which alerts on the exploitation of the grounds and the food waste.


UN climate experts are sounding the alarm. In its latest report, the IPCC says it is essential to review how land is used and cultivated around the world to ensure both the food security of the Earth and the fight against global warming. On Europe 1, Baptiste Gatouillat, Vice President of Young Farmers, reacts to his announcements.

"There is an awareness for several years"

Agriculture is one of the first sectors concerned with soil conservation. "There has been an awareness for several years about changing our practices," believes Baptiste Gatouillat. The Vice President of Young Farmers ensures that for farmers, environmental issues are a major concern. "If we succeed in preserving our soil as much as possible, while ensuring a good and sufficient food, it is our tool of work to be able to transmit it to the future generations," he says.

"In France, we are on the right track"

In its report, the Giec highlights in particular the massive intensification of agriculture and the huge concentrations of livestock. Baptiste Gatouillat points out that it is notably farms in the United States, Brazil and Argentina that are targeted, "with farm sizes up to 100,000 cattle". "In France, I say that we are on the right track with the direction taken for years," says the vice president of Young Farmers. "We must reassure our fellow citizens, we have been elected the most sustainable agriculture in the world for the third year in a row," concludes Baptiste Gatouillat.