First export license after stricter export control Reported as “Kofu Strategy” in Korea, August 9, 12:38

The Korean newspaper says that the Japanese government gave permission for the first time to export some companies with regard to raw materials such as semiconductors that had strict export controls to Korea. "It is a faucet strategy" that adjusts

A major Korean newspaper on the morning of the 9th reported that the Japanese government gave permission for the export of some companies for the first time on the 8th regarding raw materials such as semiconductors, which had strict export controls to Korea. The

Among them, “Chuo Nippo” pointed out that “Japan is a strategy to adjust export restrictions while watching international public opinion and the rebound in Korea” under the heading “The Faucet Strategy”.

In addition, the “Toa Nippo” stated that “Japan emphasized that it is not an embargo, a“ double-sided tactic ”that also suggests the possibility of additional regulations” "

Furthermore, the "Everyday Economy" reports that the Korean government initially tried to announce a countermeasure to exclude Japan from the preferential countries for export licenses, but postponed the schedule.

On the other hand, the Korean public opinion survey organization “Korean Gallup” announced the results of a survey conducted on about 1000 people for three days until the 8th.
According to it, 54% of the Korean government responded to Japan responded that they were doing well and 35% responded that they were wrong. In addition, 57% of respondents answered “Korean companies” or “22.