Professional baseball giant 7 points catch up extension goodbye wins 9 August 22:55

Three baseball games were played in the professional baseball, and the top and giants caught up to a maximum of 7 points, and won the goodbye after the extended game.

Giant vs. Yakult won a goodbye 10 times and 9 times for the giant.
The giants caught up with Guerrero's 12th solo, which was two consecutive hits in 5-9, and Okamoto's 21th three-run, and in the extended 10th, we decided on a sacrificial fly from Kamei Kamei. The giant wins over by reversing up to 7 points.
Yakult couldn't defend the pitcher's early lead.

In DeNA vs. Sino-Japan, DeNA won 10-6.
In DeNA, Tsutsuka player won 20 solos at once, 5 at full and 21 homes and 2 home runs, and 2 points timely at 6 times, making a good win with a total of 7 points. Hira pitcher is the fifth victory of his own with 5 goals and 3 runs.
In the middle of the day, the pitcher fell to 5 times and the relief team was hit.

Hanshin vs. Hiroshima won 11-5 by Hiroshima.
Hiroshima turned four times, following 4 points, with 5 points, including Batista Timely and Mehia No. 4 Three Run. In the 9th round, 5 points were released by Abe ’s 2-point timely. The starting pitcher Ryase Ose is the 9th win with 4 runs and 6 runs.
Hanshin was defeated and defeated.