Exhibition of girl statues, etc. Canceled at Aichi Prefecture Expert Committee August 10th 4:58

Aichi Prefecture has set up a committee of experts to verify the circumstances that led to the cancellation of the exhibition, such as the image of a girl symbolizing the comfort women issue, at the International Art Festival held in Aichi Prefecture. became.

At the Aichi Triennale, an international art festival held in Aichi Prefecture, there was an exhibition corner with images of girls symbolizing the comfort women issue. Due to the above problem, the exhibition was canceled 3 days after the opening.

In Aichi Prefecture, it is necessary to verify the circumstances that led to the cancellation, so a new verification committee consisting of six experts including university professors and art museum directors who are familiar with art and law was established. We made it clear that we would do it on the 16th.

The committee will conduct interviews by the end of November, verify the progress from the planning and preparation stage of the corner, the way art works are displayed using public funds, and the crisis management system. It is to submit a report summarizing such information to the prefecture.

Governor Omura of Aichi Prefecture said at the press conference on the 9th, “It is a topic of high interest in the world, and we want you to collaborate with frank opinions and ideas from the advanced perspectives of the committee members. "Said.