A poll released today (9) shows that a positive evaluation prevails over Japan's response to Japan's export control to Korea.

As a result of a survey of 19 Korean adults in the last 6-8 days (95% confidence level, sample error ± 3.1% point), Korea Gallup responded that it is responding well to the Korean government's response to the recent disputes between Korea and Japan. 54%.

35% of respondents said they were responding incorrectly, with 11% holding back.

There were relatively many opinions that 'we are responding well' to those in their 30s and 40s, the progressives, and the president's positive affairs.

The opinion that 'we are responding incorrectly' was noticeable in conservatives over 60s.

57% cited Korea as the question of whether the damage would be greater in Korea or Japan.

22% and 15% of respondents say that the damage in Japan is greater, the damage in Korea and Japan will be similar.

6% withheld their opinion.

The opinion that Korea would be more damaging was more in the Liberal Party, the conservatives, and those in their 60s and older.

Gallup Korea explained, "Those who think the government is doing well are not too worried about the economy."

On the other hand, 13% answered 'good', 62% said 'good', 21% said 'good', and 4% said that Korea's economic outlook is one year.

The gap has been the largest since the September 2017 survey, as the outlook for pessimism for 15 consecutive months outpaced optimism.

For a detailed survey summary and results, please refer to the Korea Gallup homepage.