Huawei officially announced its new operating system Harmony, an operating system that is rumored to have been developed to replace its dependence on the Android system, the program will be known as Hongming in China.

The first product to use the Harmony operating system will be the Honor Vision TV, which will be launched in China on Saturday (August 10).

The company says the operating system can be used for everything from smartphones to smart TVs, smart speakers and IoT devices such as sensors.

Trump preferred
There has been much speculation about Huawei's internal operating system since Google suspended its Android license in May, after the US government decided to put Huawei on the list of banned entities.

Huawei did not hide the fact that it was working on its operating system, but to what extent it will be able to work as an alternative to the Android system.

The Trump administration has signaled its willingness to ease restrictions on the company.

In July, senior officials said the administration would grant licenses to deal with Huawei in cases where national security would not be affected.

However, Bloomberg reported yesterday that the White House is delaying its decision on issuing these licenses following China's decision to stop buying US agricultural goods.

Harmony easily replaces Android
Richard Yu, CEO of the Consumer Group, told participants at the Huawei Developer Conference that Harmony OS is "the first operating system used for all scenarios."

Huawei CEO also says that the platform will eventually support a range of applications, knowing that HTML5, Linux and Android applications will also be compatible.

"They will all be able to run our operating system in the future," Richard said.

The CEO of Huawei, that Harmony can replace Android on its smartphones "at any time," but they will now adhere to the Google platform.

"If we can't use Android in the future, we can immediately switch to Harmony," Richard said, adding that migrating from Android to the new system was not a big deal.