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According to the French magazine 'Voici', there have been tensions between his children during the hospitalization of the actor

Actor Alain Delon, in favor of assisted suicide

French actor Alain Delon, 83, suffered a stroke a few weeks ago , was operated in Paris and is now recovering at a clinic in Switzerland, his son Anthony Delon confirmed on Thursday.

"My father has suffered a cardiovascular accident and a slight cerebral hemorrhage . He was operated in (the Parisian hospital of) La Pitié-Salpétriere, where he has spent three weeks in intensive care," the actor's son told the French press agency AFP . Once his vital functions improved and his condition stabilized, the actor was transferred to Switzerland, where he is now recovering in a clinic.

The protagonist of El gatopardo , A full sun and Rocco and his brothers is in the private clinic of Genolier, located halfway between Geneva and Switzerland and is frequented by celebrities and politicians around the world , according to the magazine of the heart Voici

Anthony Delon (54), son of the French actor and actress Nathalie Canovas, explained that his sister Anouchka (28), currently residing in Switzerland, closely follows his recovery and keeps the rest of the family aware of the actor's progress . "The whole family has remained by his bedside, my brother, my sister and my mother Nathalie," said the actor's son.

Tensions between their children

However, Voici magazine says that during the time that the actor has been hospitalized in Paris there have been many tensions among his children. Anthony and Alain-Fabien (25), who live in the French capital, were opposed to the actor being transferred to Switzerland. On July 31, he was finally taken to the Genolier clinic, just as Anouchka wanted. Alain-Fabien and Anouchka are children of the actor and former Dutch model and journalist Rosalie van Breemen.

It is not the first time that the actor has health problems. In mid-June, relatives of Alain Delon said the actor had been admitted to the American Hospital of Neuilly sur Seine, outside Paris, "for dizziness and minor headaches . "

The actor maintains a stormy relationship with his sons Anthony and Alain-Fabien, but gets along very well with Anouchka, whom he has appointed executor of his will . The actor wanted to leave everything well tied before he died in order to prevent his children from fighting over inheritance when he dies.

Surrounded by controversy

Last May he received the honorary Golden Palm of the Cannes Festival for his career, from his daughter Anouchka. His sons were not invited to the event.

The award was surrounded by controversy. The American association Women and Hollywood (Women and Hollywood) asked the organizers of the festival not to give it to them because they say that the actor is "racist, homophobic and misogynist" and a sympathizer of the extreme right.

In his speech at the Cannes Festival, Delon said goodbye to the cinema. "For me more than an end of career, it is an end of life, " said Alain Delon when he received the honorary Golden Palm for his career on May 19.

Alain Delon, who has an apartment in Geneva, has shown himself in the past in favor of assisted suicide , in case doctors diagnosed him with an incurable disease. In Switzerland, active euthanasia is a crime, but not assisted suicide, when the person so requests and is not done for selfish reasons.

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