President Moon Jae-in took over the cabinet, including eight ministers. Of course, he is a former Min Jung-suk, a nominee for attorney general. The conservative opposition first responded by saying, "Is it a home country for victory?"

Reporter Min Kyung-ho reports.


The response of the Korean party and the right future party to the news of the nomination of the Attorney General of the Motherland was 'Will it be a war?'

While Mr. Cho was in charge of civil service verification, 11 vice minister-level ministers said that he had fallen, and the country's card was forced to ignore the parliamentary criticism.

[Na Kyung-won / Free Korean Party Representative: I just received a failing point in my ability as a senior citizen. .]

[Oh Shin-hwan / Barun Future Party Representative: Ignore the National Assembly and endeavor to fight with the National Assembly. .]

In 2011, the Lee Myung-bak government criticized Kwon Jae-jin's direct attorney General Min Jung-suk as `` an aide revolving door and taking control of the prosecution. ''

The Korean Party is also considering accusing Mr. Cho of misappropriation when he was sent to a public official by a mobile phone while he was a senior.

Democrats and Justices, on the other hand, have affirmed that they are the right people for judicial reform.

[Lee In-young / Deputy Democratic Party Leader: The will for judicial reform that has not been achieved in the last few decades is high among the people. There are things like aspiration?]

There will be seven candidates, including Cho candidates, at the National Assembly's personnel hearing auditorium, which is expected to be fierce as the first test to judge the leadership of the government in the second half of the year.