The Blue House connects Blue House reporters with how they see Japan's action today (8th).

Reporter Kim Jung-yun, Japan issued an export permit in a month. What did the Blue House say about this?


An official from the Blue House said, "Although we approve exports, we appraise it positively."

But it is just there.

Three key item regulations continue, and white list exclusion is not being resolved.

President Moon Jae-in repeatedly demanded the withdrawal at the National Economic Advisory Council today.

[President Moon: In the end, it's a winnerless game where everyone, including Japan, is a victim. Japan will have to withdraw its improper export controls as soon as possible.]

Mr. Moon reaffirmed that economic retaliation for our Supreme Court ruling no matter how Japan changed its excuses.


By the way, today's President Moon Jae-in said that "there can be no damage to us," and there is an interpretation that our government is also taking a breather?


If not, I asked the Blue House spokesman, who asked me to see the context of the President's statement.

Mr. Moon said, "Japan may not regulate exports, and there may be no damage to us," and then "but what does not change is that 'uncertainty' is still alive."

On Monday, a senior government official said that the Abe regime is aiming at this market uncertainty and the insecurity of our business and the people.

Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon also stressed today that uncertainty is still in place, and there must be a fundamental solution to this uncertainty that Japan will hold on to the hilt and not know when or in what way.


It may not be easy for the fundamental solution we just talked about, but we need to negotiate or talk with Japan. Is there any progress on that?


Today the National Security Council's NSC says it will continue its diplomatic efforts to resolve issues through dialogue.

In the 21st of this month, foreign ministers are meeting each other, and they are trying to meet with each other separately. Analysis also comes out.

(Video coverage: Park Seung-won and Shin Dong-hwan, Video editing: Choi Jin-hwa, Field progress: Kim Se-kyung)

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