The United Arab Emirates said on Thursday it had withdrawn its complaint against Qatar at the World Trade Organization (WTO) for allegedly banning UAE goods.

The United Arab Emirates filed a complaint against Qatar in January, claiming that Doha had imposed a ban on its products, which Qatar denied. It also derided many in the shadow of the embargo.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, along with Egypt, have imposed a blockade on Qatar since June 2017.

The UAE Foreign Ministry said in a statement published by the official WAM news agency on Thursday that the withdrawal of the complaint came after Qatar withdrew its "discriminatory" measures towards goods coming from the UAE, which was the cause of the dispute between them, which Qatar denies.

In May, Qatar denied restrictions on importing goods from the United Arab Emirates.

"If UAE exporters suffer because they are unable to export to Qatar, it is the responsibility of the UAE authorities, which have imposed restrictions on exports to Qatar," the government liaison office said at the time.

The Office also confirmed that all national actions on goods originating in the UAE were and continue to be in line with Qatar's WTO commitments.

In previous statements to Al Jazeera Net, experts said that the UAE started to prevent the entry of Qatari products to its territory and sale in its markets since the first glance, and that the lawsuit filed by the UAE last January was tantamount to pay the charges against them and the illusion that they are also damaged.

In July 2017 - a month after the imposition of the blockade - Qatar filed a complaint against the UAE and other blockade states before the WTO, accusing it of violating the WTO's core laws and agreements, especially laws on trade in goods and services, as well as related intellectual aspects. By trade.

In November of the same year, the WTO agreed to set up an arbitration committee to decide Qatar's complaint against the UAE.

In February, Reuters reported that UAE port authorities had reversed decisions to ban imports and exports to Qatar.