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The mystery beneath our feet .. Is all we know about gravity illusions?


When the question of gravity is raised, the average person thinks that the force of attraction is what causes objects to fall straight to the ground, while physicists assert that no one yet knows the truth of gravity.

The concept is still unknown
In his article in The Washington Post, Richard Panick (a science writer and author of "The Problem with Gravity: Unraveling the Mystery Under Our Feet") says that the concept of gravity is still unknown today.

All theories of gravity are not facts, they are illusions, and this misunderstanding makes the universe more discoverable and less obscure.

In fact, gravity is the force of attraction that causes objects to fall straight down, one of the four fundamental forces, but they do not have the characteristics of “force” compared to other forces. Nuclear power (which keeps the atomic nucleus intact) is about A hundred times the electromagnetic force (which creates the light spectrum), which in turn is ten thousand times stronger than the weak nuclear force (which facilitates subatomic reactions responsible for the decay of radioactivity).

The author explained that an experiment can be done at home to confirm this hypothesis, by placing a paper clip on the table surface.

You will notice that it did not move from its place and remained firmly in place after its interaction with the gravity of the entire planet. Next, take the fridge magnet and place a stick over the paperclip, and this movement will overcome the "force" of the Earth's gravity.

For physicists, gravity is the only force that does not have a quantum solution (a theory that explains force in terms of subatomic particles). In this case, we must exclude the concept of "power" from the premise.

For someone watching from outside the Earth, a rock falling on the planet would be a pixel

It's relative
The writer argued about the assumption that gravity is the force of “gravity” that causes objects to fall straight down, as two objects with a specific mass do not practice each other's ambiguous interactions, so Newton tried to avoid using the word To use mathematics to describe movements on Earth and between planets.

The author questioned the notion of falling things "directly", depending on what this word means, where the path seems to fall straight because the person standing on the ground upright.

According to Galileo, if a rock falls from the mast of a ship sailing in a river, its path will appear as an angle for someone watching the operation from shore.

For someone who is watching an extraterrestrial fall of a rock on the planet, it would seem that the path of its fall is in the form of a corner. As the Earth rotates around the Sun, this angle will produce a curve. As the Sun revolves around the center of the galaxy, this curve will be very long.

All in all, the galaxy moves toward other galaxies, and the universe extends and expands. Therefore, the length and appearance of the rock path depends entirely on where it is located.

Until a quantitative solution is reached
As for the hypothesis that "gravity is what makes objects fall", it can be based on the theory of Galilee relativity to discuss, where the hypothesis of land fall to the rock instead of falling to the rock.

Ultimately, the definition of gravity indicates that its effects can be measured and predicted mathematically. We might expect what happens when two black holes collide, for example. Although we do not know how this process occurs, we know its effects, and we can attribute its causes to “gravity”, but we certainly do not know the reason behind it.

Scientists are forced to seek a quantum solution to gravity because they are unable to understand what it is, but to grasp the universe at the basic level.

Until that time (reaching a quantum solution to gravity), we should rule out the hypothesis that gravity is the force of attraction that causes objects to fall straight.

Source: aljazeera

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