• Ambush in the park in Rome, dead ex-Lazio


08 August 2019It could have been the victim of a trap Fabrizio Piscitelli, 53, known as Diabolik, killed yesterday in a park in Rome with a pistol shot to the neck. The methods, a real execution, suggest that the man was waiting for someone, sitting at a bench, who had given him an appointment. At the moment in Rome prosecutors do not exclude any track but that of organized crime remains privileged, that is clans and not only Italians.

Among the investigative tracks followed by the investigators to identify the author of the murder also the one that leads to the east and the reports that Piscitelli had for some time with the Albanian mafia. The name of Diabolik appears, in fact, also in the papers of Mafia Capitale and in particular of the group, the so-called "Ponte Milvio Battery", active in the northern area of ​​Rome and of which, according to those who investigate, Piscitelli was part. Sale of cocaine the "core business" of the organization that had close business relationships with Albanian crime.

The gun has jammed
Perhaps it should have been a double homicide yesterday at the Parco degli Acquedotti which saw Fabrizio Piscitelli as the only victim. After shooting the first time against 'Diabolik' the gunman would have jammed the gun. Next to Piscitelli, in fact, there was his Cuban driver-bodyguard who then fled. To report it to the policemen of the Flying Squad was a witness. The man, in all likelihood a professional killer, later escaped on foot. Under investigation by the investigators, the images of the video surveillance cameras in the area that may have taken the escaped man on foot on Via Lemonia. Also under the lens telephone records to reconstruct with whom Piscitelli had an appointment.

Ongoing autopsy
An autopsy is in progress on Piscitelli's body. The bullet case of the 7.65 caliber exploded by the killer from top to bottom was found by the officers of the Scientific Police next to the head in a lake of blood.

Fnsi: new threats to reporters
"Now anyone believes they can" harass "reporters who exercise the right to report in full respect of the values ​​contained in Article 21 of the Constitution". This was underlined by Raffaele Lorusso and Beppe Giulietti, secretary and Fnsi president.

"This morning - they continue - threats and insults were launched against those who tried to document the murderer of Fabrizio Piscitelli, known as Diabolik, a dramatic event of absolute social relevance and that reproposes the theme of the presence of aggressive and bloody gangs in the center of Rome: unfortunately for them the molesters were taken back and their threats recorded and documented.We are sure that the competent authorities will be able to identify them and sanction them as required by law ".

"It becomes increasingly urgent - they conclude -, also in the light of the repeated episodes of these days, to provide a specific aggravating circumstance for those who try to prevent the free exercise of a constitutional right and a civic duty".