The National Association of Prevention in Alcoholics and Addictology sees in these law proposals an "offensive against the Evin law" of 1991, which prohibits the sale of tobacco and alcohol in sports establishments.

Are we going to witness the return of alcohol in the stadiums? Legislative proposals in this respect have been tabled by MPs of the majority and the opposition to the dismay of addictologists who denounce texts under the influence of lobbies.

"Under the pretext of support for sport, these deputies are a faithful relay of the alcohol lobby, which year after year, progressively erodes the largest public health law that France has," denounced in a statement the National Association of prevention in alcoholology and addiction (ANPAA).

The 1991 Evin law against smoking and alcoholism prohibits the sale, distribution and introduction of alcoholic beverages in all physical activity and sports establishments. Clubs, however, have a waiver to sell alcohol ten times a year. The law also restricts advertising for alcohol.

"Make France a sporting nation"

One hundred and five deputies The Republic in March (LREM) submitted to the Assembly at the end of July a bill "to make France a sports nation" in which they propose "to relax in a framed manner" the law Evin "in stadiums by extending the granting of temporary authorizations to sell alcohol to sports companies ".

But, in the face of controversy, one of the signatories, MP Michèle Peyron, has already distanced herself on Twitter by saying "fiercely" against the return of alcohol in the stadiums.

In February, about fifteen deputies Republicans (LR) led by the deputy of the Vosges Stephane Viry had already signed a bill of the same direction and Valérie Beauvais (LR) had presented another text aiming at him to authorize the sponsorship of sports clubs by French wine companies and brewers.

The Nièvre MP Perrine Goulet (LREM) finally proposed in November, in a report to Matignon, to move from ten to fifteen annual events where clubs are allowed to sell beer. It also suggests relaxing the advertising restrictions for alcohol brands on sports websites and the return of French team sponsorship for winegrowers and brewers.

Alcohol "incompatible with sport"

"It seems important to remind these deputies that alcohol consumption is incompatible with sport" because its "promotion (...) via sports competitions", aims "to trivialize the general consumption" and "in the first place , that of the young people who constitute the majority of the public ", explains the ANPAA, calling the power to its" responsibility "vis-à-vis" public health ".

The association sees in these proposals of law the economic stake that represents the sponsorship of future sporting events in France like the Rugby World Cup of 2023 and the Olympic Games of Paris in 2024.