• Venezuela: Chavismo denounces a food blockade over Trump's sanctions
  • Venezuela: Donald Trump hits Nicolás Maduro with measures similar to those applied against Cuba, Iran or North Korea

Nicolás Maduro's regime has surprised Venezuelans on Wednesday night by announcing that their representatives will not attend the new round of talks with the Venezuelan opposition that would take place in Barbados between today and tomorrow, in response to the president's new sanctions Donald Trump against the oil country. The envoys of the president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó , were already on the Caribbean island.

Maduro has decided not to send his delegation in response to the " serious and brutal aggression perpetrated in a continuous and artful manner by the Trump administration against Venezuela, which includes the illegal blockade of our economic, commercial and financial activities," according to a statement posted on Twitter by Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez.

"We decided not to attend, after evaluating the aggression of the imperialist government of Donald Trump, of the racist government of Donald Trump," Maduro said by telephone on state television. He has not explained whether they are only withdrawing from the new round of talks or abandoning the entire process , which began in May in Oslo.

He surprised her because several government spokespersons, such as Vice President Delcy Rodríguez , and Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza , one of Maduro's representatives in the talks, had assured Tuesday they would remain in the talks despite the sanctions.

The vice president of the opposition-controlled Parliament, Stalin González , one of Guaido's envoys, confirmed on Twitter that they were in Barbados.

"They have been saying for days that they believe in peace and the Oslo mechanism and at the beginning of the change they fear the possibility of real political change in the country. We will continue working on all the boards to seek the end of the crisis, and achieve the rescue of our democracy through truly free elections, "wrote the deputy Wednesday night on the social network.

"The meeting would be held tomorrow, starting at 10:00 AM, but I decided to stop it, stop it! I had to do it . Minister Jorge Rodríguez spoke with the Norwegian delegation, so that they could inform our decision," Maduro added .

In talks sponsored by Norway, the representatives of Maduro and Guaidó seek to resolve the serious political and economic crisis in Venezuela, which has led to an eight-month power struggle between Maduro, the autocratic ruler of the nation who was reelected in fraudulent elections , and Guaidó, recognized as president in charge of the oil country by more than 50 countries.

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