Illegal immigration in the southern United States, arrested about 680 people August 8, 20:42

As the US Trump administration strengthened its control over illegal immigrants, the US authorities announced on the 7th that they massed illegal immigrants in southern Mississippi and detained approximately 680 people.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau announced on the morning of the 7th that it searched seven agricultural processing plants in Mississippi in the south, and arrested about 680 immigrants for allegedly working illegally.

According to the American media, it is the largest ever uncovered illegal immigrants in one state of the United States, most of them being from Latin America.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau asks the detainees individually about the circumstances and decides whether to continue or release them, but all illegal migrants proceed with the procedures for deportation.

In addition, we have explained that the mass seizure is based on a year-long investigation of illegal immigrants and does not discriminate on the basis of racial identity. "I am trying to get people out of Mississippi."