The congressional court chairman Kim Jae-won, who was controversial over the drunkard's review of the draft, was also controversial. Later it was revealed that he sent a memorandum about the budget complaint only to the same Korean lawmakers. There was a charge to resign.

I am reporter Jung Yoon-sik.


Last night, when the review was in full swing. Kim Jae-won, predecessor chairman who drunk and drunk.

[Kim Jae Won / Chairman of the National Assembly Budget Settlement Committee (Last Day): Democratic Party, the Democratic Party issuing Treasuries, the amount of Treasuries will be this much, it's the only thing.]

Following the drunken supplementary examination, this time is controversial about raising a family budget.

Kim sent a letter to the members of his party in Korea on September 9th.

We ask you to deliver your business of interest to reflect as much as possible in next year's budget.

We have also attached a specific table to remind you of the increase request in millions of won.

In fact, Kim said he was trying to prevent the "comment of complaints" coming to the end of the judging.

[Kim Jae-won, Chairman of the Preliminary Commissioner: The end of the year, 'It is a note budget.' I didn't do that and tried to figure out what was asked beforehand. (How many minutes did you ask for a budget increase?) .]

However, critics say that the day when Kim was elected instead of Hwang Young-chul, who was originally appointed, was criticized as a budget to avoid the so-called `` friendship-reading '' complaints even within the Korean Party.

Other parties demanded resignation.

[Lee Sik-sik / Democrat Spokesman: If you wanted to use your authority to make an election note budget in advance, it's a pre-election campaign.]

There is growing distrust in the decision-making chairperson who will lead the next year's 500 trillion won screening process, until the drunkenness screening will be made.

(Video coverage: Lee Byung-ju, Lee Seung-hwan, Video editing: Park Jung-sam, Image courtesy: YouTube channel Hankyoreh TV)