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Jordi Cruz: "The French omelette is my Achilles heel"


Why do cooks talk so much with diminutives? A busty, a little fondito ... That's because you talk to baby. We get sensitive, emotional, like when

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Why do cooks talk so much with diminutives? A busty, a little fondito ... That's because you talk to baby. We get sensitive, emotional, like when you are with a toddler and you become paternal. Your dishes are a bit your children, and that brings you to it. Do you only use that diminutive to talk about dishes? Yes. I have made that reflection many times, because I do not speak like that. But in papers and in Masterchef I get out. What do you do when you are at home? I live a healthy life and the only vice I have is this cigar that I am smoking now. That, by the way, I will leave tomorrow. So I take care of myself a lot, I want to have a good quality of life and five days a week as healthy, in logical proportions, and another two days I allow myself the luxury of eating whatever I want. Give me examples. I'm a lot of lettuce, of legumes, salads, chicken and lean meat, light spoon dishes and stuff. Does it bother you to be asked what you have eaten? No, that question is not offensive. Food interests us all. If someone bothers you, it is because you are aware that you are not eating well and are embarrassed. That's why I'm more ashamed to say that I smoke, because, it's true, I have that problem, it's a drug addiction. Well, there are worse things. Has it affected my taste? I quit a year of smoking and did not improve my palate, perhaps because I have it very trained. Maybe I am a weirdo. I believe in the natural gift, in the innate ability to do things better than the rest, although that has to be trained to achieve excellence. Is there anything in the kitchen that is bad or is it a genius in everything? French omelette is my Achilles heel. I have not wanted to repeat it in excess because I like to keep that weak point that keeps me with my feet on the ground, that bit of insecurity. The French omelette is supposed to be easy. No, it is the most difficult. To enter a kitchen, it is the curriculum that you were required. A perfect French omelette is oval on both sides, a thickness of two centimeters, without color, semi-cooked inside, with absolute creaminess. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of technique. Is there an ingredient that does not catch the trick? The pepper is used in excess, but in its right measure it has its grace. A cook's ability is to find the proportion of things. You put many flowers on the plates. It is not what obsesses me most. People are surprised because they think they don't eat. But everything that goes on the plate is eaten and there are things - tails, leaves, flowers - that provide a third flavor. Then, in a plate of lentils you should not leave the laurel, as my mother does. Your mother can do it , is its distinctive point. But if I do it at the ABaC and leave you the laurel to be rechupetees, that penalizes. In a large restaurant there doesn't have to be any romantic aspect. Will it cheer up with insects? I don't want them at all. They generate disgust, dislike. They will be the protein of the future and what you want, and I have analyzed them a lot and see the possibilities, but they have scared me so many times in the glass of the car on the highway, no. I do not see the grace. Buy me the Spanish cuisine of today with respect to the Japanese or the Chinese. We are up there, but we cannot take advantage of our leadership. When the French were the masters of the cotarro, they talked more about them. We don't believe it, we're pretty dumb in that. We do not know how to sell like other countries, when we are setting trends worldwide, to all number one chefs. The same goes for wine: why is French wine better than ours? They do not take us as much advantage, as Italy does with oils. This year the 'offended' have given cane to MasterChef for boning chickens, skinning rabbits and chopping tunas. It's that people think that the chicken we bought in the supermarket already He was born without feathers or skin, bled and cut. Going on television explaining how products are handled is not bad. For example, the lobster: you have to cook live because if it does not fall apart. And there are techniques to make the bug or find out. Nor has the aspirant Carlos, a kind of villain of the stove. I like that there is a bad guy in the contest. People have spent a little time with him. Man, there are things in which you can tell him not to go around, that it doesn't look good. But those bad things that Carlos has we all have to some extent, only that we would not teach them on television. Lift me something from the next MasterChef Celebrity. People are going to freak out with Tamara Falcó. And things will happen in the middle of the contest very crazy, that nobody will understand. And, as always, what is cooking, does not cook any good. Was the famous 'parraque' of Carmen Lomana real or theater? I have my suspicions that it was a skillful strategy at a very specific time. We will never know. From MasterChef I like that applicants are always required the most. That does not happen even in the university. In my restaurant we took 21 dishes for 50 people in two hours: to get that forward you have to have organization and two balls. And be a serious uncle. I try to reflect that in the contest. Now there is a generation with less desire to work. But in my day to day I am not such a person and I have never disrespected any applicant. And the reviews on Tripadvisor affect their restaurants? It is not a good tool to judge a trade as sacrificed as ours. You get bad reviews for not taking a picture with someone. Things are trivialized a lot and I see gaps. Before there was the critic, who could be a bastard, but he had criteria. Now you fight against a lot of people and not everything has criteria. How does it take Pepe Rodríguez to be more sex symbol than you are? Fatal. It is a well of testosterone, the alpha male. What do they see? I guess he likes it because he is a good uncle, noblote, kid, with the ability to be fast and with culture. He is taken care of, although sometimes he is a ballplayer, as a good Real Madrid player.

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