Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has condemned the controversial election campaign of the AfD with Willy Brandt. "Willy Brandt would have had only one thing left for right-wing populists: abysmal contempt," Maas said on Twitter. He also wrote that it was "simply disgusting" when "Spalterund Hetzer" abused the former Chancellor today for his own purposes.

Willy Brandt would have had only one thing left for right-wing populists: abysmal contempt. If Spalter and Hetzer abuse him today, that's just disgusting. Willy Brandt is and remains a reconciler and peacemaker. His greatest gesture remains unforgotten.

- Heiko Maas 🇪🇺 (@HeikoMaas) August 8, 2019

Erik Stohn, General Secretary of the SPD in Brandenburg, called on the AFD to end the "rape" of Willy Brandt's legacy. Even the longtime Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse (SPD) described in the Tagesspiegel the use of Brandt as a "gross abuse" and "simply subtle". Komissarian SPD leader Manuela Schwesig also said the AFD campaign was damaging Willy Brandt's legacy.

Brandt remain a reconciler and peacemaker

The AfD advertises in Brandenburg in the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark with 400 election posters, which show a photo Brandts and his quote "More Democracy cars". The state director of the AfD Brandenburg stated Brandthehe for what the party wanted.

The SPD politician Brandt was between 1969 and 1974 Chancellor of Germany. Under the slogan "Dare more democracy" he reformed with his social-liberal coalition of the SPD and FDP education, social and domestic policy and ushered in the turn in Ostpolitik. Brandt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971 for his détente policy in the East-West conflict. His fall in front of the Memorial to the Victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising symbolizes Brandt's politics. Heiko Maas said Brandt remains a reconciler and peacemaker.

AfD also advertises slogans of the GDR civil rights movement

Already on Wednesday, leading Social Democrats and Social Democrats had criticized the AFD for a campaign slogan that referred to the GDR civil rights movement. Under the motto "Turn 2.0", the AfD advertises slogans such as "We are the people!" or "Finish the Turn".

Thierse said that the equation of the Federal Republic of today with the GDR from that time was an incredible trivialization of the GDR. The two leading candidates of the AfD Thuringia and Brandenburg, Andreas Kalbitz and Björn Höcke, did not move to the new federal states until the fall of the Wall and were not involved in the peaceful revolution of 1989.

In Brandenburg and Saxony on 01 September and in Thuringia on 27 October, a new parliament elected. The respective country associations of the AfD hope for a good election result.