Abu Dhabi: Sellers of fish in Abu Dhabi confirmed that the price of fish fell during the week from 30 to 50% due to the upcoming Eid al-Adha and the public's demand to buy meat, expecting the decline to continue for at least 10 days after Eid al-Adha. Suleiman Al-Khadim said that 70% of fishing boats stop landing during the Eid al-Adha season because traders are not buying fishing for lack of demand.

Sulaiman Al-Khadim, Vice-President of the UAE Fishermen's Union and Chairman of the Fishermen's Association in Dibba Fujairah, told Emirates Today that Eid al-Adha is different from Eid al-Fitr, where consumers are saturated with meat during the month of Ramadan. He pointed out that the opposite happens during Eid al-Adha, where people buy meat and sacrifices during the week before Eid, and continue to consume sacrificial meat for several days after Eid.

He added that during this period of each year the supply of fish decreases and prices fall, as about 70% of fishing boats stop from the descent of the sea to know the fishermen movement of buying and selling, especially as traders do not buy large quantities of fish, resulting in high financial cost of the fishing trip About the yield from them.

Fish vendors confirmed that the market is in recession every year, just days before Eid al-Adha, pointing out that July and August are the least in fish sales during the year, due to annual holidays and the travel of most families outside the country. Last few years.

Mohammed Mukhtaruddin, a fish seller, said: "The current prices are the best for monthly storage for families and buying quantities, especially since the decline in prices ranges between 30 and 50% on all types," pointing out that the price of large shrimp reached 40 dirhams, and mullet 15 AED 25, and the shrimp AED 60 for the big pill.

Sellers: Ahmed Abdulrahman, Asaad Walid, and Mohammed Abu Kamal, that factors that contributed to the decline in prices and lack of supply: the sacrificial season, high temperatures in the summer, and stop most fishing boats, and travel of many Asian labor, pointing out that the turnout On the purchase by consumers fell significantly since the beginning of last week, expecting sales to rebound in all markets with the beginning of September.

The workers at the fish processing stores in the port market in Abu Dhabi, on the decline in the quantities of fish arriving for barbecue and processing significantly, pointing out that this period of each year is used to give workers annual leave and allow them to travel, as the workload can be performed in a small number Of workers.

• Vendors: «The market is in recession days before Eid al-Adha, and July and August less in sales due to annual holidays and travel of most families».