These groups will never talk to each other. They stand and scream at each other's faces and point fingers.

- Fuck Trump!

- You're the devil!

Police are asking protesters and journalists to walk up the sidewalk. Kravall police are on their way. I end up next to an elderly man with blond hair looking under a red "Make America Great Again" cap. I ask him why he is here today?

- To balance the image. In this city only 30% are conservative, we are never heard in the media. They only interview the Trump critics.

A woman who looks Latino comes forward and praises Trump for his actions on immigration.

- We need stronger boundaries. They only come here for the grants, raise a lot of children, and soon they have taken over the country.

"I'm probably what Trump fears most"

She is interrupted by a younger woman obliquely behind me screaming "don't talk to them!". The Kravall police line up and take a step forward, towards us. As if it would calm the mood.

In a park a few blocks away, Democrat Beto O'Rourke will speak at a manifestation that has gathered hundreds of people, who are warming up by scanning "Send him home, send him home!" (About Trump). One of those who got there is Richard, who voted for Trump in 2016.

- His rhetoric and hatred made me change my mind. I'm probably the one who fears Trump the most: a white, middle-aged man who changes his foot in the 2020 election.

Priest: We have to come to dialogue

Immediately after the hospital visit, Trump flew back to Washington. Two cities, two hospitals, in one day. No public appearances with him, but a lot of talk about him during the day.

At the memorial site, at Walmart, the priest Fabian Marquez sprinkles holy water over the cross set up for each of the victims. He was with many of the families when they received the decree of death. In his ward, he now notices how fear spreads.

- You look like a target. We must come to some form of dialogue, where race, culture, beliefs, skin color, language do not matter.

Tomorrow it's time for the first funeral. The first of 22.