Hamburg (AP) - The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is the society of his current adopted country of Germany too closed. "Germany is not an open society," said Berlin-based Ai Weiwei of the daily newspaper Die Welt.

"It's a society that wants to be open, but above all protects itself," said the artist, who was under house arrest in China for years.

"German culture is so strong that it does not really accept other ideas and arguments." There is little room for open debate, hardly any respect for dissenting voices, said Ai Weiwei. "My family and I loved living here, but I'm leaving Berlin anyway. This country does not need me because it is so self-centered. »

Ai Weiwei, who has been living in Berlin for four years and also took up a visiting professorship at the University of the Arts, did not say when he would like to leave Berlin and where his new place of residence could be.