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Sources warn of Emirati plan to control Aden


Al Jazeera Net-Aden

"The government should leave the capital Aden and all the cities of the south immediately and evacuate all its territory from the northern military units, and transfer them to the fronts of war against Houthi in the north, and call on President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and brothers in the Arab Alliance to transfer full powers on the land of the south peacefully, and enable southerners to manage their land And their resources. "

In this escalating language, supporters of the Southern Transitional Council expressed their demands in a statement issued by the Popular Endowment Committee, which they launched in the interim capital of Aden, in conjunction with the movement of its forces (security belt) supported by the United Arab Emirates, in preparation for storming the presidential palace and control of government institutions, according to Confirmed by government sources for the island Net.

Scheme of chaos
Al Jazeera Net got information on the possible plan, which is likely to be followed by the leader of the Southern Transitional Council Hani bin Break, and close to the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates Mohammed bin Zayed to spread chaos in Aden on Wednesday, during the funeral of the body of the commander of the First Brigade support and support Munir Al-Yafi Killed with dozens of soldiers in a recent Houthi attack.

Planned arrangements include the selection of a cemetery near the palace and the start of sniping the presidential protection forces during the funeral, in order to hold the brigades responsible for attacking participants in case of any reaction.

This is accompanied by the media raising the issue and sending reinforcements from tribal gunmen from the Yafi area with forces from the security belt to intervene on the pretext of disengagement, with the aim of moving towards headquarters and government institutions and the homes of legitimate government officials.

Hani Ben Brik has threatened to expel the legitimate government at a press conference in Aden.The commander of the so-called Southern Resistance, Abu Hammam al-Yafa'i, has given the legitimate government 72 hours to leave the territory of the south, and promised in a speech to supporters of the Transitional Council that any objection to the demands of the south will be confronted by force.

UAE-backed security belt forces in Aden (Reuters)

Preparations for both parties
Meanwhile, supporters of the Transitional Council of Streets (TCC) took to the streets on Tuesday along with Ben Brik, deploying troops near the palace and bringing in supporters from the West Coast fronts, as legitimate government forces and presidential protection brigades began deploying, hours after major Saudi reinforcements arrived in the city of Aden.

According to presidential sources speaking to Al Jazeera Net, Saudi Arabia intervened to calm the situation in the city after knowing the plan and to stop the transitional council and fill the vacuum left by the withdrawal of UAE forces from Aden without coordination with Saudi Arabia or the legitimate government.

According to the sources, there is a Saudi tendency to confront supporters of the UAE after it acted alone and instructed its supporters to exploit the popular anger after the killing of soldiers of the security belt.

It is remarkable the disappearance of the President of the Southern Transitional Council Aidroos Al-Zubaidi and his satisfaction with the meeting with UN envoy Martin Griffiths in Abu Dhabi, and the absence of other members of the Council.

Analysts told Al Jazeera Net that Ben Brik's release of the scene puts the possibility that these confused actions are a reaction from him towards the position of Saudi Arabia, which began to spread in Aden, as well as mounting demands to refer him for investigation, especially after human rights reports revealed his involvement in the assassinations of religious scholars and social figures In Aden.

However, the southern activist and journalist Abdul Raqeeb al-Hediani believes that the security belt forces and the military elites of the UAE in southern Yemen have two options, either containment or fracture, saying that containment succeeded in Hadhramaut and Shabwa, and that the breaking process started in Aden and Abyan.

He added that the south is in the process of receiving and handing over the administration from Abu Dhabi to Riyadh.

Source: aljazeera

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