US President Donald Trump visited Dayton in the state of Ohio on Wednesday. Last weekend a shooting took place in an entertainment area in that city, in which 9 people were killed and 27 others were injured.

In Dayton, Trump visited the Miami Valley Hospital, the hospital where a few victims of the shooting were still being treated. The president also talked to aid workers and expressed his appreciation for their heroic action.

There were about a hundred demonstrators outside the hospital, calling on the president to do something against the violence in the United States.

The president will also visit the Texas city of El Paso later in the day. A large shooting took place in this city near the border with Mexico last weekend. A shooter shot 22 people in a Walmart branch. Among the victims were many Mexicans.

According to Trump no support for total ban on weapons

The two recent shootings, which only lasted thirteen hours, have sparked up the national debate on possession of weapons.

When leaving the White House, Trump told journalists present that he wants to tighten the so-called background checks , which must ensure that not everyone can buy a firearm just like that. The president again said Wednesday that he will ensure that mentally ill people cannot get a firearm.

Trump didn't want to talk about a total ban on weapons. According to him, there is no support for this in Congress. According to Trump, the stricter background checks proposed by him can count on broad support in Congress.

Dozens of people are demonstrating in Dayton against Trump and the US arms policy. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Rhetoric According to critics, Trump favors armed violence

Critics argue that with his racially charged rhetoric, Trump helps to control firearm violence. Both the 24-year-old shooter in Ohio and the 21-year-old shooter in El Paso had hateful ideologies. The latter posted a manifesto on forum 8chan. Referring to this manifesto, Trump said Monday that "the internet and social media" can cause people with psychological problems to radicalize.

Trump also said he wanted more supervision of what is happening on social media. For example, the judiciary should cooperate more with social media companies in order to "detect shooters before they strike". How this should happen has not been explained.

The American president calls the mass shootings domestic terrorism. He says he wants the death penalty for offenders who commit such hate crimes.

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