The Public Prosecution Service (OM) states that research makes it increasingly clear that there was a "close" collaboration between Richard R. (known as "Rico de Chileen"), Ridouan Taghi and Naoufal F.. However, there was no single criminal organization.

Wednesday, the sixth introductory session against 'Rico de Chileen' was held in the extra secure Schiphol Judicial Complex. The man is suspected of laundering millions of euros, preparing for drug trafficking and possession of weapons.

"And we also see Richard R. as a leader of a criminal organization with the intention of committing murders", the public prosecutor made clear.

The Chilean born in Chile worked for many years with the fugitive Taghi. The OM speaks of "a collaboration between two clients of liquidations with their own branch of violence".

Criminal F. played an important role, according to the OM, in directing the perpetrators of those violations for 'Rico de Chileen'.

"I am with you, sir , and as Naoufal is with you and together we are one", the public prosecutor quoted a message that would have been sent by R. to Taghi.

Men served each other's interests

According to the judiciary, the three men were not one clear-cut organization, but did work together if they could serve each other's interests. It was also about agreements about "removing common enemies".

For example, each other's "expertise" was used, such as supplying shooters and drivers of flight cars. The OM mentions Utrecht as the working area of ​​Taghi and Amsterdam as that of F. and 'Rico de Chileen'.

Because Taghi is already being tried in the Marengo investigation for giving instructions for liquidations, the OM has chosen not to prosecute him in the case against R. F. will also not stand trial, because he has already been sentenced to life imprisonment for directing liquidation.

OM hopes for more evidence from PGP data

The Public Prosecution Service hopes to obtain more evidence against R. in the near future through extensive research into the now decrypted communication between PGP telephones (Pretty Good Privacy telephones) of criminals.

The data came into the hands of the OM after the seizure of the server of Ennetcom, the supplier of encrypted telephones.

Defense claims to have heard a lot of assumptions

R.'s lawyer, Leon van Kleef, said on Wednesday that he had heard a lot of assumptions about his client again, "but that again no man and horse are mentioned".

The OM had to admit that it is indeed not yet clear for which murders R. will be prosecuted. In addition, the prosecutor still has to ask Chile for permission.

R. extradited that country, but not on the basis of suspicion of giving orders for liquidations. Chile will first have to agree to this.

The court decided Wednesday that R. will be detained until the next introductory session on October 9.


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