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Lydia Cacho: "Criminals have infiltrated Venezuelan politics and companies"


He has been practicing brave and committed journalism for 30 years. He has learned to live "taking great care of himself". Lydia Cacho, journalist ((Reporters of the World Award, granted by

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He has been practicing brave and committed journalism for 30 years. He has learned to live "taking great care of himself". Lydia Cacho, a journalist ((Reporters of the World Award, granted by this house), writer and activist, is threatened with death in Mexico for not shutting up an organized crime that makes her country the most dangerous in the world to practice her profession.

As a great connoisseur of human trafficking networks, what added risks surround the Venezuelan exodus? Venezuela has a huge problem of corruption, impunity, lack of rule of law; like Mexico, that Colombia ... Organized crime - which has been strengthened throughout the continent for years - has aggravated these blunders in the country. It has to do with how criminals are inserted into local politics and business, corrupting the entire social fabric. I have documented how the Sinaloa cartel or the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel are present from Argentina to Mexico and, of course, in the US. The Russian mafias in Venezuela, the Mexican cartels and the Venezuelan mafias themselves - in which a good part of the Maduro Army is present - are generating violence that we have not yet been able to document. All the clandestine graves that are being found in Mexico, Guatemala or El Salvador will begin to be found throughout the continent. In a few years also in Colombia and Bolivia, and many of those victims will be mostly Venezuelans, young people or women with babies who could not reach a safe destination. What is your assessment of the first months of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) at the head of the Government of Mexico? They have been very controversial because of the methodology they have developed in which they go out to hold daily press conferences to inform about their way of governing and contradicts the data of the press and the NGOs that document the country's problems. That is generating a lot of noise in the most negative sense. Get the society out of the country's substantive discussions. To what extent will Donald Trump's economic war threat condition the president's immigration policies? What is happening with Trump was something we already expected to happen, as in the case of the former president. Enrique Peña Nieto followed US orders, but it didn't matter because it was a traditionally PRI government that had us accustomed to lies, corruption, etc. But with the arrival of López Obrador, supposedly from the left, there has been an important contrast. He did not have a strong immigration policy and, although his foreign minister is doing a decent job, negotiating with Trump is impossible; Change your mind overnight. How has AMLO's migratory discourse changed? Mexico has always been subject to US policy, we rely heavily on them. The difference we now notice with the president is that his answers are very contradictory and it is very difficult to make a realistic diagnosis of what is happening. We have an organized crime problem, but Mexico has always been a receiving and issuing country of migrants to other southern countries. The sending of military personnel to the southeast border of the country will generate much more conflict. Organized crime is beginning to react now and the denial of the reality that the president is doing will generate many more problems. What do you think of the Government's strategy to resume leadership in Central America? Mexico wants to teach Central America when it is not able to solve its internal problems. What countries are going to give economic resources provided by Mexico and the EU? To Nicaragua? To El Salvador? What presidents? What transparency will these resources have and how will their correct use be controlled in countries as violent as Guatemala? Corruption is becoming global and giving money now to Venezuela or other dictators is very serious . Is Mexico prioritizing 'US security' by sending the National Guard to the border to the country's internal security? Yes. AMLO discredits the data of journalists on the killing of children, minors used by the drug traffickers as slaves for the planting and transfer of drugs ... Their systematic response is: I have other data. It is a tremendous misinformation. He is denying reality because he believes that it is linked to his decisions, and this is linked to the history of a country that lives with an absence of a state of total law. Mexico has more than 90% impunity . Several justice ministers have said it and the president continues to deny it. It is also the most dangerous country to be a journalist ... I am still threatened with death in my country. I had seven armed escorts before traveling to Spain, when I return I will not have them. They have deactivated all the protection for journalists in Mexico to dedicate the troops to the National Guard. The Government does not yet know how it will protect people threatened by organized crime or by those linked to politicians and businessmen, who in my case are the ones who threaten me with death. As a feminist activist and writer, I suppose that you have followed the case of La Manada ... How do you rate the Supreme Court's judgment? '. The sentence changes the way society perceives this crime and creates legal precedents for other cases. Now Spain has people from Vox as the president in the Parliament of Andalusia, Francisco Serrano, who are a real shame and who project their machismo against society . That must be analyzed beyond anger: what is a political leader of any party projecting with a macho commentary on the nature that Serrano did? What it means is that he considers sexual violence and rape a legal outlet for a man's sexuality. It must be denounced that this type of comment promotes illegality.

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