A senior official of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs visits North Korea.

Senior officials from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are aware that they will visit Pyongyang in North Korea next week. Will be done.

A Russian news agency reported on the 7th that the Russian Foreign Ministry's Deputy Minister Morgrov will visit Pyongyang next week as information on the North Korean embassy in Moscow.

Also, officials of the Russian government confirmed to NHK that Vice-Minister Morgrov would visit North Korea, "including the preparations for President Putin to visit North Korea in the future. The agenda will be discussed, "said President Putin visiting North Korea and discussing the possibility of discussing preparations for a meeting with Kim Jong Eun, the chairman of the Korean Labor Party.

However, regarding the time when President Vladimir Putin visits, the official said, “It ’s up to North Korea to discuss when it will happen.”

President Vladimir Putin agreed at the summit meeting with Kim in Vladivostok for the first time in April on the issue of denuclearization and strengthening cooperation in the economic field. The dialogue continues.

Russia seems to have a desire to show its presence in the Korean peninsula as the US-North Korea talks about denuclearization have not resumed.