FvD senator Dorien Rookmaker is considering switching to the new political movement of her former party member Henk Otten, she says to the Telegraaf on Wednesday. She criticizes the position of the party leadership in the fight that led to his departure.

Rookmaker recently set himself up as a mediator in the conflict between Otten and the party, but she states that party leader Thierry Baudet refuses to sit down with Otten. "Then it stops for me too," she tells the newspaper.

FvD started out as "a friendly club", according to Rookmaker, but there was tension due to overtime and the pressure of electoral success. "It was about money, power and who can play which role."

In the meantime she is considering her own future. She takes two weeks for this. "For me there are three options. Either I stay with FvD, but that seems to be more and more a split off from the VVD with the people who are now at the top. Either I go home and let things go. Or I switch to Henk Otten. " She says she is not the only one within FvD who is in doubt.

After the Provincial Council elections in March, where the FvD achieved excellent results, tensions within the party administration emerged. Co-founder Otten criticized leader Baudet's victory speech and his political course.

A lingering fight kept the party under control

The party board came out at the end of July with serious allegations against Otten. There would be a 'suspected attempt to fraud with government subsidy' and an inadequate financial administration under the authority of the then treasurer.

Otten responded with the announcement that he was going to make a report for libel. He also made allegations against Baudet, among others, who allegedly paid a holiday with party money. The party board then came with the counter-charge that Otten would have transferred money to his mistress.

Otten was expelled as a member of the party at the end of July. The FvD has informed the Telegraaf that no report will be made against him for the fraud that he is accused of.

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