Of all Dutch people, three quarters (77 percent) feel they are citizens of the European Union. This puts our country in the middle bracket of EU countries, according to the Eurobarometer of the European Commission. This is a survey in all 28 EU countries, conducted between 7 June and 1 July.

Luxembourg, where 93 percent feel like an EU citizen, tops the list, followed by Germany (88 percent) and Spain (87 percent). At the bottom are Greece (57 percent), Italy (also 57 percent) and Bulgaria (52 percent).

According to the Eurobarometer, confidence in the EU has been at the highest level since 2014, especially in Latvia (72 percent) and Denmark (68 percent). In the Netherlands, 54 percent of the population have faith in the union.

Confidence in the euro is also at record level. More than three quarters of the respondents are in favor of the single currency.

EU citizens are most concerned about immigration, climate change, the economic situation and terrorism.


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