- It lay on the side and gasped. It was about four meters long and it was bloody on the abdomen, says Fredrik Gröndahl, a researcher at Kristineberg's marine research center in Fiskebäckskil, for P4 West.

Last Sunday, three beak whales were rescued from being stranded in the Åbyfjord in Sotenäs municipality, not far from there. But later that evening, a private person reported finding a dead beak in the same fjord. And on Monday, a dying beak was observed in Gullmarn, near Skredsvik.

If the latest finding is the third beak whale that was helped last Sunday is hard to say, according to Gröndahl. He emphasizes, however, that it is unusual for beak whales to come to Bohuslän.

The beak whales are a type of tooth whale. The northern variant is 6-10 meters long and lives in small groups, mainly the North Atlantic.