Riot with tanks pushes protesters. Looking closely at the riot police, it is not the police but the People's Liberation Army in Hong Kong wearing military uniforms. Their targets are heavy weapons, not enemy.

This video is not a real situation, but a picture of the terrorist training drills released by the Hong Kong People's Liberation Army on Sunday.

The People's Liberation Army has been stationed since the return of Hong Kong's sovereignty in 1997.

At that time, Hong Kong citizens and Britain opposed the military presence, but Deng Xiaoping was pushed. As a symbol of China's sovereignty.

The Hong Kong People's Liberation Army says Hong Kong's emergency response is its mission.

[Hwachunying Foreign Ministry spokesman (past day): The People's Liberation Army in Hong Kong believes it will be an important force in maintaining Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.]

Hong Kong Secretary of State Kerry Lam was on the youth camp of the Hong Kong People's Liberation Army.

Hong Kong young people are crying for their departure, and finding the military is a step forward.

[Carrie Lam / Hong Kong Minister: You should look far and pay more attention to the development of our country.]

The Chinese government has already ended its agenda for Hong Kong protests crossing the Maginot Line.

Nevertheless, the 9th week of protests in Hong Kong shows no real sign.

The state media are keen on the protests, saying that only the Hong Kong police are struggling now.

In this situation, the release of the anti-terrorist suppression video of Hong Kong People's Liberation Army and Carrie Ram's visit to the military are interpreted as a blatant manifestation by the Chinese government.

[Spokesman, Yanggwang / Macao Hong Kong Office: "The input of the People's Liberation Army" is clearly defined in the Hong Kong Basic Law. I don't have to say more.]

But the situation in Hong Kong is different from that of the 1989 Tiananmen bloodshed, and the government is scared and expects the Hong Kong protests to wait for themselves.