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Brotherhood leader, 76, sleeps in prison


CAIRO (Reuters) - The father of detained Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie said on Wednesday her father, now 76, was "sleeping on the floor" in his prison south of Cairo.

This came in a blog post Duha Mohamed Badi, daughter of the Brotherhood leader, through her Facebook page, on the occasion of reaching the age of 76.

The authorities could not be immediately reached for comment on their accusations, but they used to emphasize that all rights and care of prisoners were provided without discrimination.

On Wednesday, Duha explained that her father had completed his 76-year-old father, who says he spent 19 years in prison.

She noted that, with the visit banned and no news of her father's condition known, he did not know whether the Amanat (sums deposited by the prisoners' family) would reach him to buy his medicine, and there was no information on his condition and health.

She said that the available information indicates that her father is "locked up in a solitary cell ... and sleeping on the floor in an empty cell."

She hoped that her father would be released, saying: "Every year you are healthy and well, and this year will not pass unless you are blessed with freedom and health, Lord."

Mohamed Badie, an Egyptian academic, was born on August 7, 1943.He joined the Brotherhood in 1959, and at its organizational summit became a general guide in 2010.After the overthrow of late President Mohamed Morsi, in the summer of 2013, Badie was arrested, and the group was banned months later.

Badi is held in custody pending verdicts, some of which are final, and others are still circulating in the courts.

Source: aljazeera

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