US deployment of INF in Asia Emphasized that China will take countermeasures 6:05 on August 7


With regard to the US wanting to deploy medium-range missiles that were banned in the INF = medium-range nuclear missile abolition treaty last week, in Asia, the Chinese government has indicated that it will take countermeasures and will deploy in Japan. Asked not to accept.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Military Disarmament Bureau said at the press conference on the 6th, saying that if the US deploys ground-launched mid-range missiles in this area, the US will have to take countermeasures. If deployed to China, China also indicated that it would take countermeasures.

We did not clarify what kind of measures were taken, but Russia indicated that it would take countermeasures against the US's desire to deploy medium-range missiles in Asia, and China also developed the latest missiles. And is expected to advance deployment.

He also said, “Japan and South Korea and other countries want to act carefully so that they will not be deployed to mid-range missiles in the United States,” urging US allies such as Japan and South Korea not to allow deployment. It was.

And as for the new nuclear disarmament framework that replaces INF, including China, “The number of nuclear weapons in China is much smaller than in the United States and Russia, and it is unfair for China to participate.” I gave a negative view of participation again.

U.S. aide "China is responsible for destroying the treaty"

US President Bolton appeared on a FOX News program on the 6th, touching on plans to deploy medium-range missiles in Asia, “China has already deployed thousands of missiles. This is one of the reasons for the abolition of the INF abolition treaty, ”stressing that China is promoting missile enhancements behind the abandonment of the treaty.

In addition, Dr. Bolton accused "The United States is only trying to protect the American troops deployed overseas and Japan and South Korea of ​​its allies, and it is China that has become a threat by expanding its armaments."

Bolton is known to have argued that the INF abolition treaty should be abandoned on the grounds of China's increased missiles before the Trump administration was born. It is.