In broad daylight and on the busiest street in the Mexican capital, the Paseo de la Reforma, three criminals have managed to take a millionaire blow and escape from the Mint before the Police arrived. According to several witnesses, the assailants entered the vault directly, which has raised suspicions for the possible connection of at least eight employees of the agency.

Unlike other countries, in Mexico, the Mint is a decentralized body of the Ministry of Finance and is only responsible for the distribution and sale of coins and medals. However, the loot extracted today from its interior, according to the first information, would amount to 1,500 pieces of gold , known as 'centenarians', whose market value exceeds 2,200,000 euros at the current exchange rate.

Elements of the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City are already at the scene taking statements from the witnesses and collating the images registered by the security cameras in the area, in order to try to identify the assailants, who managed to escape without leaving victims or injured. The heads of the Mint have not yet confirmed the total amount extracted, which already circulates unofficially, since they must first perform the relevant audit.

Second robbery in two years

It is not the first time that the offices of this agency in the Paseo de la Reforma are assaulted. Already on July 14, 2018, four hooded men (and still unidentified today) entered the store located on the ground floor to take copies of coins that, as the authorities confirmed then, had a higher market value at 135,000 euros. On that occasion, the attackers took advantage of the fact that the building was being remodeled to execute the robbery. Also in broad daylight, one of them distracted the police guarding the access, while his three companions entered the store and broke the windows to take all possible coins.

These two incidents, together with the recent theft of 750 kilograms of gold in Brazil by several men disguised as police, have brought to the memory of many the Spanish series of 'La Casa de Papel' , where their protagonists assault the Mint and Madrid bell. The series has been a success of audiences in Latin America, where, reality again seems to want to emulate television fiction.

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