“I believe that this solution is due to the fact that there really is a problem, and I think that many fans do not miss (ambulances. - RT) , of course, it will calm. It is necessary to respond to the fact of aggressive behavior of inappropriate drivers. It is necessary to remove such precedents in principle. In this case, I support this decision from the point of view of solving the problem, ”Kanaev explained.

At the same time, he emphasized that it is necessary to use this measure of punishment carefully so as not to cause indignation among motorists who are law-abiding, but do not always have the ability to respond and give way.

“The ambulance pulled up, and you are standing in a traffic jam - the car is on the left, the car is on the right ... Here, probably, we are talking more about such inadequate cases when in the yards (they don’t miss. - RT) . It seems to me that here you need to moderate the ardor of such inadequate people who believe that they are alone on the road, ”the expert concluded.

Earlier in Russia, a law came into force on toughening the responsibility for not letting ambulances on the roads and obstructing the work of doctors.

If earlier, for refusing to provide an ambulance with flashing lights and an audible signal, the advantage on the road was a fine of up to 500 rubles or deprivation of rights for up to three months, now it is increasing to 5000 rubles, and the term of deprivation of rights will be from three months to one year .