Response to the Holmes Strait Volunteer Union Watch and judge the situation Secretary-General August 6 16:13

In connection with the United Kingdom's announcement to join the volunteer association in the Holmes Strait in the Middle East, which the United States is seeking to join, Secretary of Secretary Jun said at a press conference: "I want to refrain from that," he repeatedly expressed his thoughts to make a decision by paying close attention to the situation.

The British government expressed its willingness to participate in the voluntary coalition to secure the safety of the Holmes Strait in the Middle East, where the United States is seeking participation.

The secretary of the secretary said at a press conference on the morning of the 6th, “I know the British announcement, but I would like to refrain from responding with a promising future. "We are continuing to gather information and closely monitor the situation while working closely with related countries."

In addition, the US Secretary of Defense, Esper, asked if the reporters would respond to the voluntary alliance in connection with visiting Japan this week. We are planning to meet with government officials, but we are coordinating specific agendas. "