Is the child's custody deprived after participating in a political criticism meeting? Prosecutor sues parents Russia August 7 6:50

The prosecution filed a lawsuit in the court calling for parents' rights to be taken up by parents who took young children in a protest against Putin's administration in Moscow, Russia, and found their children dangerous. On the administration side, there seems to be an aim to contain protests.

In Moscow, Russia, a protest rally that criticized the Putin administration was planned on the 27th of last month, and police detained more than 1000 people for not obtaining permission.

The prosecutor in Moscow issued a statement on the 6th, and the couple who participated in the rally complained that they had left their one-year-old son with a third party and found their children in danger and took up their parents' rights. , Revealed that he was raised in court on behalf of the child.

In this connection, state-run television, with a video of an activist man who had been entrusted with the child by his father, told the man that he was able to escape the police successfully by holding the child, Says they are relatives.

On the other hand, organizations that appeal for the protection of children's rights criticize that they are ignoring children's rights.

The Putin administration has become more cautious about the spread of protests that many young people participate in, and this response seems to have the goal of containment.