Letizia is a fascinating character. The Queen has an ice face, especially when viewed closely, she is demanding to despair, dry and capable of awakening in others a ridiculous and exaggerated hatred, a childish and misogynistic hatred. Criticizing it provides more pleasure than licking your fingers with the Mercadona guacamole. The truth is that, when in the photo, nobody can look the other way. Not a look for the King or the infantas, if Letizia is there, everyone will focus on her.

The Queen is unfriendly even when she strives to be nice . On Sunday during the inn at the Marivent Palace, he said that spending the summer in Mallorca "is better every year." He turns 15 years old and now he begins to resign himself to this. With his icy smile and that tone of the Newscast that he still maintains when he speaks, he could have told us: "I've been vacationing on this sticky island for a decade and a half and I'm up to all of you fried eggs." I would have loved her, but instead, she said that the day before she had gone to Pollença, a town in the north of Mallorca for the first time. She said she was amazed at the place her mother-in-law had discovered. He told all that with the same intonation as when he reported on the Congress of Deputies in La 1, as if his status as a journalist was the only disguise that allows him to support his role as Queen.

It happens to me like her when she wants to be nice, I end up criticizing her even if she wants to defend her. I will have to work harder, because I really understand her, I understand her tiredness and admire her rebellion. Strong women like Letizia do not like them. Men can be vehement and even zafios (campechanos?); They can be bland (very polite from the cradle?) and even womanies. We allow all that and much more. For us to be accepted, we must always give a low profile, be soft, friendly (but without going over, which is vulgar) and always agree on everything, with everyone, say yes as if it were a tic.

There is no way for people to accept a woman like Letizia, she knows it, and that's why she makes little effort to hide herself. The few times he does it, he just needs to end with "this has been all for today, see you tomorrow at noon news."

The Queen is fascinating and I want to know everything about her, I want to know what she would say if they let her talk. I give a damn about his intimate life, I don't mean marital or family gossip, of those we all have and are usually the absolute drowsiness. I want to know who this woman is, the one who changed her life for a man. I want you to tell me how much love is necessary to voluntarily accept to hide yourself behind the veil of queen. How much love is needed to resign you to always hate you, by default, always you and never him, them.

I want to meet the divorced Letizia . The separated, when we overcome pain and grief, we become wild reeds, impossible to break. Maybe that's where the Queen takes her resources to stay upright. I want you to tell me who takes care of that strong woman when she falls apart. And how, because we all know that few know how to do it.

If Letizia spoke, I would like her to tell me why she manages to sneak in to be able to act as a mother. The slits through which to get to raise a future Queen of Spain must be scarce and narrow. How do you explain to your daughter that she can reign without forgetting herself? How do you tell him that a woman does not have to apologize for knowing what she wants, for not giving up on those who want you kneeling? How do you confess, alas, that in your heart of emeritus there is a Republican?

If Letizia speaks ... but the Queen does not speak, she locuta. That's why when we see her we can only look at her and think: "Why the hell is she going so tan? What a vulgarity."

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