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Full-scale economic sanctions on US President Venezuela Strengthen pressure on current administration | NHK News


President Trump of the United States includes freezing all government-owned assets in the United States against Venezuela in South America.

U.S. President Venezuela in full economic sanctions strengthening pressure on current administration August 7th 7:56

US President Trump has announced that it will implement virtually full economic sanctions, including freezing all government-owned assets in Venezuela in South America.

President Trump of the United States announced on the 5th that President Maduro, who continues dictatorship in Venezuela, will carry out de facto full economic sanctions against Venezuela, alleging that human rights violations continue to afflict the people.

Specifically, in addition to freezing all assets owned by the Venezuelan government in the U.S., freezing assets and moving to the U.S. In principle, we will take measures to prohibit entry into Japan.

Concerning Venezuela, while the United States supports Guadedo, who has declared his inauguration as an interim president, China and Russia are confronting Maduro and confronting the international community.

The United States has so far targeted President Maduro and military officials one after another, but the strengthening of this sanctions has strengthened pressure on the current administration of Venezuela, as well as Russia and China. It seems that there is also an aim to control the country that supports President Maduro.

Source: nhk

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