The Public Prosecution Service suspects Ruben de V. of having tried to kill his three children and himself in November last year by starting a fire in his home. The OM has demanded eight years in jail and TBS with compulsory treatment against him on Tuesday.

The V. and his children could be rescued by the fire brigade in time from the burning house on the Ravensdonk in Eindhoven. The fire appeared to be lit.

The investigation soon focused on the 31-year-old father as the perpetrator. His search history on the internet showed that the man had a death wish. He allegedly had to deal with the problematic divorce of his wife. He would also see his children too little.

In the house it appeared that the smoke detector had been tampered with, so that it did not go off when the fire and smoke spread through the house.

Family slept in the attic in the night before a fire

The public prosecutor also cited the statement of the oldest son of the suspect. The boy said that all children slept in the attic with their father the night before the fire, against their custom.

"This also indicates the active involvement of the suspect in intentional arson," the officer said. The OM also blames the man for having set fire to his neighbors by starting a fire.

The V. himself denies all involvement and declares that the fire may have been caused by the fireplace.


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