Dubai Municipality reported that it had seized 2,053 neglected vehicles since the beginning of the year until the end of July (seven months).

She called on the municipality on its page «Instagram» to communicate with them to report complaints, through the Dubai Municipality call center on 800900 or submit a report through the application of Dubai 24/7.

Last year, 3,777 neglected vehicles were confiscated in Dubai, compared to 3,056 in 2017, according to the municipality's statistics.

Residents in Dubai filed complaints with the municipality on its Instagram page regarding the existence of many neglected cars in Shurooq residential complex in Mirdif, which distorts the city's aesthetic appearance, pointing out that the large number of neglected cars makes it difficult for residents of the complex to find places to park their cars They use, and they keep it clean.

Residents also complained about the presence of long-neglected cars in Hor Al Anz, while others asserted that the exaggeration of building owners in parking fees leads many residents to leave their cars in public places, if they stay or travel.

Dubai Municipality, in a recent alert, called for avoiding carelessness for a long period to keep the city clean.

The waste management in Dubai Municipality stated that the process of removing the neglected vehicles and equipment first begins with the issuance of a violation notice prior to the removal process, and an alarm to remove them within a specified period. In the municipality, to act in accordance with the procedures adopted in this regard.

She pointed out that the owner of the vehicle has the right to recover his vehicle after paying the fine, if he reviews the recovery of the vehicle before selling it through the disposal of abandoned vehicles.