by Michela Coricelli August 06, 2019Thinking of European stock markets rebound, after yesterday's sharp declines. Milan opens at + 0.29% in line with Frankfurt at + 0.30%, while Paris marks + 0.22%. The exception is London, which is down 0.39%.

The escalation of the war of duties is scary, Asian markets still all falling. The worst is the Shanghai stock exchange at -1.7%, Hong Kong loses a point and Tokyo lags at -0.65%. The Chinese Central Bank has announced measures to ensure stability for the yuan, but Beijing's currency remains at 11-year lows against the dollar.

Wall Street suffered more than other international markets: the Dow Jones lost 2.9% and the Nasdaq dropped three and a half points.

Meanwhile, gold, the most traditional of safe-haven assets, continues to strengthen at the highest levels for 6 years now: an ounce is worth $ 1,463.