Accustomed to tackling topical issues, the Plus belle la vie series is controversial with her episode around GPA. Feminist associations have seized the CSA to denounce the bias of the episode.

More beautiful life is once again at the heart of a controversy. Feminist associations have appealed to the Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (CSA) against the France 3 series which, according to them, describes a GPA (Gestation Pour Autrui) in a "favorable" way.

In episode 3847 of July 23, single lawyer Céline reports having used a surrogate mother met in England and an anonymous sperm donor. His confidant Vincent reminds him that the practice is illegal in France before discussing it with a doctor rather favorable to the GPA.

"Very serious bias"

The associations, gathered in an International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogacy (CIAMS), regret in a statement issued Monday, August 5 not to find the "correctness of your usual" of the authors of the series "but a bias very serious". The CIAMS protested in two letters sent at the end of July to the production of the series against "tricks of the scenario which contribute to make the GPA, prohibited in France, acceptable". She emphasizes in particular the "use of a young female doctor as surety to make the practice socially acceptable".

With no response from production, used to dealing with sensitive social issues, the associations said they had seized the CSA. About fifteen referrals have been lodged, confirmed the regulator.

The associations, including L'amicale du nid and the bitches on guard, ask that the production of the series "explicitly recalls the prohibition of GPA". "That the scenario provides a spin to dodge, ultimately, the outcome of this case of recourse to the GPA, which will prove to be a swindle, does not exonerate the production of the series of its responsibility for the highlighting of the media reprehensible act, "the associations continue in their statement.

Hot news

The episode of the series is in hot news as the debate continues in France on medically assisted procreation (ART) and GPA. Repeatedly rejected, the draft law on bioethics and its measure on the extension of the PMA to all women must be considered at the return by the deputies. Many anti-LDC activists, who are preparing a strong mobilization against this law, consider as the former president of the Republicans Laurent Wauquiez that this reform "will necessarily lead" to the GPA.