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Cold beer and cocktails are particularly special in this hot season, but this time is about Jin Tonic, a familiar distilled spirit.

“Jin” using local specialties is called “craft gin”, but now craft gin is born one after another around the world, mainly in Britain, and its boom is spreading to Japan.

The biggest event in the bar industry that gathered the world gin in Tokyo was held, so I went there.
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The color changes! ? "Craft gin" with various flavors

Cocktails using craft gin were particularly popular at the event. Gin is a distilled liquor made from wheat, potatoes, etc., and is characterized by the use of local plants and fruits.

A unique gin is now popular in the home and UK. In Japan, sales of gin have been increasing recently. The import value of Japanese gin increased to 2.2 billion yen last year for the sixth consecutive year, most of which was craft gin.

A popular secret is the variety. The combination of roses and cucumbers is characterized by sweetness and a refreshing mouthfeel. Gin made on Islay, Scotland, contains 31 types of plants collected from the island such as mint and mugwort. In addition, gin made by a brewery manufacturer in Kagoshima Prefecture sells spicy flavors using perilla and ginger as aroma.

Particularly unique was the purple “craft gin” using lavender. When you add tonic water, the color changes to pink. Currently, it is said that there are over 6,000 gin brands in the world.

I went to the home of craft gin England

How did this craft gin boom come about? I visited an authentic British distillery that played a role in the boom.

The number of craft gins in the UK began to increase about 10 years ago. Distilling liquor production regulations has led to a surge in the number of small and medium distilleries. Craft gin has been developed one after another in pursuit of a unique aroma and taste using locally harvested plants.

Ben Peel, a British distillery

“We make a small amount, but the quality is origami. Both the bartender and the distillery are constantly trying new things.”

In the UK, cocktails that make the most of each feature became popular, especially among young people.

Japan's own gin world

Mr. Kengo Takayama, importer of gin

Such new ways to enjoy gin are spreading in Japan. Kenji Takayama, a gin importer. While frequently going to and from the UK, he conveys the charm of Kraftjin to Japan.

In a cafe that offers Japanese food, we proposed gin as a liquor to make it easy to enjoy with lunch. It is a craft gin from Harris Island, Scotland. It has a fresh sweetness with kelp and light taste, so it seems to go well with Japanese food.

“Jin creators are proposing more and more things like never before, and we hope to spread the new way of drinking in order to convey the interesting overseas Jin culture. I think "(Mr. Takayama)

Major brewers also pay attention

Major brewers are also paying attention to gin. Suntory, Japan's largest producer of gin, is committed to developing and selling gin using ingredients unique to Japan. I visited the development site.

"Where is this? Is it from Japan?"
“The scent is much stronger when used as it is”

On that day, we selected 6 kinds of materials such as cherry blossoms, sencha, yuzu and sansho. It is said to aim for an unprecedented flavor.

The manufacturing uses the blending technology cultivated in whiskey making. It is said that you make raw sake for each ingredient and blend it to make the most of each flavor.

Suntory Spirit Akira Tada

“If you want to expand the style that customers can enjoy more and more than just the world of Jin ’s“ Jin tonic at the bar ””

There are various types of liquor, such as craft beer and local sake, but how about tasting flavourful craft gin this summer?

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