The story of the puppy who suffered from the hot sunshine gave a sadness.

On the 5th of local time, foreign media such as online media world of buzz introduced the story of 'Chained Dog Awareness' in Facebook group in Singapore.

One recent user posted a video of a white puppy Spitz on a group page. In the video, the puppy was panting in the heat, pulling out his tongue. He seemed to want to go to a shady spot to avoid the hot sunlight, but he could not because of his short neck.

The video publisher explained, "The puppy did not fall down properly, and there was a bowl of water nearby, but I wondered if I could get there." And finally, he added that he was able to go beyond the fence and release his collar.
Two days after that, the publisher said on the page, "The animal group that reported it gave a serious warning to the owner of the dog and returned."

"I did not want to enter without permission on my property, but I did not have an option," he said. "There is no way to protect these puppies, only poor animals are suffering unnecessarily."

"I want others to know that it is inhuman and cruel to tie a dog to a collar so neglected."

It is 'news pick'.

(Composition = Jo Hye Hye editor)
(Photo = Facebook Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore)