"Taiwan People's Party" Party 3rd power role August 6th 19:54

Mayor Zhao Wen Zhen of Taipei City has set up a new political party called “Taiwan People's Party” to change the politics of Taiwan, which has been led by two major political parties. Attention is paid to whether or not it will play a role.

In Taiwan, the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in January next year, and the movement of the ruling and opposition parties such as the ruling and civilian parties, the largest opposition party, and the national party are already active, and a de facto election campaign has started.

Under these circumstances, the mayor of Wenwei Zhao in Taipei City launched a new party called the “Taiwan People's Party” in order to expand the power in parliament and other parties, and a party meeting was held in Taipei on the 6th.

In his speech, Mayor Tsuji, who became the leader of the party, said in the speech, “Two major political parties have changed their power over the past 20 years, but they have been confronted by unification or independence and ruled by ideology. “We are idle. We have to change Taiwan with everyone ’s power,” he said.

Mayor Sakai, who is also considering running for the presidential election, is a politician who is popular among the younger generation, with relentless remarks, and a large number of young people gather at the meeting of the party meeting despite weekdays. , I had completed the procedure for joining the party.

In Taiwan, dissatisfaction with the existing political parties is deeply rooted, and the political party of Mayor Sakai will be the recipient of such dissatisfaction, and it will be noted whether it will play the role of the third power in Taiwan's politics, which has been led by the two major parties .