• Kashmir, Pakistan breaks down two fighters of Indian aviation. And now we risk escalation
  • Kashmir crisis, Pakistan's armed forces shot down two Indian jets
  • Kashmir, Indian air raid against Pakistani militia


28 February 2019The tension between New Delhi and Islamabad remains very high after the Indian incursion against the Islamist militias and the Pakistani reaction that led to the killing of two fighters. This morning at dawn the Pakistani army repeatedly violated the cease-fire in the area of ​​Poonch, in Kashmir, along the so-called control line (LoC), on the border with India. The Indian news agency Ians writes.

For the seventh consecutive day, the Pakistani military deployed on the border fired mortar shells and bombed. Officials from the Indian army said they responded forcefully to the mortar shells. all schools remained closed and villagers in the area were asked to stay inside their homes.

Airspace closure, chain inconveniences on commercial flights
Meanwhile, the closure of Pakistani airspace due to tensions with India in Kashmir is causing chain disruptions, with repercussions also in Europe. About 5,000 tourists were stranded in Bangkok after Thai Airways canceled all flights that were supposed to fly over Pakistan, 27, most of them to and from European countries.

In particular, the discomfort concerns "4,000 tourists on European flights and 700-800 directly to Pakistan", explained a spokesman for the Thai company. "We are waiting for permits to fly over other countries", the spokesman added, explaining that there are contacts with China in this regard and that passengers have been placed in hotels on the coast. Flights to London, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen have been canceled, as well as 10 flights from Europe.